earth magma

Extracted from the Nugere crater of the Volvic Park of Volcanoes, situated in the south of France, lava is a 100% natural material for your projects. Starting from massive blocks that are primarily hand-quarried, it is then cut and custom shaped into slabs, bricks or complex pieces. This natural stone, with its characteristic warm shades of gray, comes in 8 different surface finishes and a waterproof option. Ultimately, natural lava stone may be enhanced through enameling.

liquid color

Exclusive signature of Pyrolave is the enameling of lava, a process involving over 10 individual stages, including the firing of the pieces in the kilns at 1000⁰C for more than 12 hours. Brute lava is thus transformed, the surfaces are covered by a compact layer of rich color, with the characteristic fine “craquelle” on the surface revealing unique reflections. Color possibilities are unlimited and beyond our core collection of 24 colors, in matte or shiny finish, Pyrolave offers the possibility of color research in order to create your own, personalized color.

exclusive creations

From elegant and impressive heavy-use counters to elaborate and unique design objects, for installations of inimitable presence and incomparable resistance qualities, every Pyrolave project is a unique, customized creation.

creative freedom

Combining the natural inherent strength of the volcanic stone with the unique qualities of enamel, Pyrolave products offer remarkable and incomparable resistance qualities. In addition, they not only allow design flexibility but also ensure solutions unachievable by other materials.
heat resistance to extreme temperatures
stain resistance
chemical resistance to acids & bleach
scorch resistance
UV resistance
water & humidity resistance
easy care & maintenance
non-porous, antibacterial

making your project a reality

Our commitment is to offer the Signs and Lava team’s extended experience and technical know-how in a complete service of consultation, design, quotations, sampling, on-site measuring, handling and final installation.